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a sense of being


Multi-faceted elements. An ability to shift and change. Metamorphosis. Human beings are in a constant flux of fluidity and ever-changing emotions, ideals, personas and interests. 'A Sense of Being' is a reflection on this constantly evolving and ever-changing state of being. In today's fast paced society, there is a constant need and want to tailor our lives, interests and lifestyle, which can be seen as either a good or a bad thing. Picking or selecting 'elements' of society to 'build' ourselves is a very interesting notion. 'A Sense of Being' does not oppose this fluidity and movement, but merely draws attention to it. There is a sense of child-like playfulness about the piece, and through the use of finely detailed textures and elements the viewer is drawn in to inspect the piece on a more intimate level. 

the memphis blues again


An ode to Memphis and Dylan. This piece explores the notions of construction and pure design aesthetic through a cut and constructed sculptural piece. Utilising an array of construction techniques such as wheel throwing, extruding, slab building and hand-forming, the piece loosely references the Memphis group's utilisation of various mediums, styles and techniques in their own designs of the 1980s. 
The piece is made up of a number of joined and loose design elements, all of which play a cohesive role in the overall aesthetic of the piece. Soft pastel and bold block colours, as well as Memphis-esque patterns have been utilised to create this non-functional sculptural dedication piece.

deconstructed daisy


'Deconstructed Daisy' may seem organic in nature but it is very much a purposeful and considered installation. Alluding to a 'scattered' or 'strewn' daisy flower, upon closer inspection it can be seen that each element has been careful placed in a precise and specifically organised manner, much like the incredibly specific biological structure of natural elements, which may seem 'organic' in nature but are in fact super structured, precise and purposeful in their genetic makeup and structure.

moon rattle


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cylinders + bowls



part of me, part of you






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