‘relics today’
modern times

12 - 25 July 2018


Archaeologists rely on objects to reveal the day-to-day lives of ancient civilisations simultaneously uncovering their creativity, style and innovation.

Connecting the practice of eight Australian ceramicists, Relics Today considers current Australian home life and contemporary culture through the lens of archaeology.

Exploring the dexterity of the medium, the functionality focused pieces by Claudia Lau are pinned against characteristics of materiality and aesthetics in the work of Alichia van Rhijn, revealing qualities of each in the other.

Styled along pieces by Zhu Ohmu, Nicolette Johnson and Dasa Ceramics artist Hana Vasak, with clear ties to the history of pottery inspiring forms and ritual of the pieces, these handmade works expose the evolution of the practice with insight into technique, design and materials.

The advancement of the medium and its vast leap from historic origins is also experimented with and explored by Tessy King, Ella Bendrups and Peta Armstrong, either by way of lustrous glazing in the case of King or the shape and identity of individual pieces in the case of Armstrong and Bendrups.

The work, placed in the contemporary context of a home-like space within the Modern Times gallery, reveals the fusion of a globalised cultural experience. Potent with influences from across the world yet individualised and particular to this time, this place, this life – these unique pieces invite themselves into our living spaces adding to the story of our time.