‘composing collage’
alichia van rhijn + madeleine thornton-smith
seventh gallery

10 - 24 May 2018


READ: ‘Sprawling in Space’ text by Kieran Stevenson


Alichia van Rhijn and Madeleine Thornton-Smith are interested in experimenting with materiality, collage and the tension between the image and the object.

Originating from the French coller, ‘to glue’, collage enables series of artistic languages, places and times to be read simultaneously.

Collage can deconstruct traditional hierarchies of the medium – allowing a literal and figurative multiplicity of viewpoints to be considered. Greenbergian purism is deconstructed when a variety of mediums are brought together as assemblages.

Working within multiple artistic traditions, van Rhijn and Thornton-Smith have created a series of works that encourage materials to be read in new ways through remediation, composition and collaboration – for instance, clay is treated like paper, folded and cut.