building blocks
earthenware . copper . underglaze . glaze
16 x 12 x 11cm


A cohesion of form and texture, piecing together shape and pattern to create a singular unified object. Disparate elements forming a whole. Much like the creation and forming of architectural spaces Building Blocks aims to highlight the notions of play, interaction, materiality and form within the built environment. Through the creation of individual detailed elements that can be pieced together to form a singular sculpture, play, interaction and materiality are explored. Each loose element plays a cohesive role in the overall forming of the 'block'.

Utilising construction techniques where each individual element has been cut and formed from one large, solid block of clay. Each element has then been formed and moulded, decorated and textured to then be reformed into a singular ‘block’ again.

Soft pinks, mauves and reds, along with metallic colours have been used to further emphasise not only individuality but also unity through similarity. Architectural forms, shapes and details such as textures have been pared back and simplified. This along with colour choice loosely reference children toy blocks.

Building Blocks invites you to play, explore and investigate its individual elements in detail through its construction, forms and textural elements, as well as through its notions and referencing of child-like play and exploration.