binnekamers (inside spaces)
terracotta . brass . copper . timber . acrylic paint
90 x 45 x 30 cm approx.


binnekamers (inside spaces) - an interval between points. An empty area or room. A holy sanctuary to pause, reflect and contemplate. With freedom to think and be oneself.

Architectural spaces and thoroughfares are often areas that are passed through and not paused in, neither given a closer look, nor a second glance. The notion of ‘Sacred Space’ and the narrative, ritual and function of contemplation in spaces are integral aspects of this work. Through the utilisation of a series of small scale sculptures, a collection of symbolic and ritualistic totems have been created to be representative of ‘Space’. The notion of forcing pause and contemplation, creating cause for a viewer to stop and take a closer look. To reflect and muse whilst engaging with the ‘spaces’ on an intimate level.

Simple, repetitive and easily recognisable shapes and forms are utilised to create a sense of ‘drawing in space’, using various sculptural elements in varied compositions and arrangements. The scale of the work forces an interaction with the viewer, creating the need to pause and examine various details and elements on a more intimate level.

These corners for contemplation are made up of individual elements, each representative of various architectural materials. Clay, timber and metal, base materials which can be found in various spaces all around us. The notion of ‘Spaces’ is closely examined through the choice of materiality and how they consist and are constructed from numerous material elements. Some basic, some much more detailed. Composition and arrangement play a central role in how the work has been installed, much like how a space would be conceived and constructed through the arrangement of built materials, so to this work has been formed through the arrangement of individual sculptural elements. 

An element of play can also be seen within the work as the assemblage as a whole can be broken down into individual groups and elements, forming new spaces to explore, reflect and pause within.