a sense of being
stoneware . slip . brass
24 x 25 x 23cm


Multi-faceted elements. An ability to shift and change. Metamorphosis. Human beings are in a constant flux of fluidity and ever-changing emotions, ideals, personas and interests.

A Sense of Being is a reflection on this constantly evolving and ever-changing state of being. In today's fast paced society, there is a constant need and want to tailor our lives, interests and lifestyle, which can be seen as either a good or a bad thing.

Picking or selecting 'elements' of society to 'build' ourselves is a very interesting notion. A Sense of Being does not oppose this fluidity and movement, but merely draws attention to it.

There is a sense of child-like playfulness about the piece, and through the use of finely detailed textures and elements the viewer is drawn in to inspect the piece on a more intimate level.